The first cake I ever made—almost all by myself—was for my dad's birthday. I was ten years old and made a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I decorated the top in white frosting, using red to pipe the stitches of the "baseball" and the sides were in green (to look like grass!).

I was so proud and realized that this was something I wanted to pursue. Then, I started making more for family birthday parties.


After I had been decorating for a year or two, our friends started asking me to create cakes for their events. Each cake was a great opportunity for me to express creativity and fun. Soon, I started making cupcakes as well, which I found involved just as much excitement. I love the precision in following a recipe, the careful attention to detail when piping, and the fact that I can make a mess in the kitchen! ...which I do have to clean up after ;) I enjoy each dessert I assemble and hope that I can share it with you!

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